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Monday 30th May 2016
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Champagne Diane de Chappotin and Champagne DecrouyChateau de Plassac Finest Cognacs from Count Audoin de Dampierre Champagne Daniel Petre Champagne Jean Moutardier Champagne Comte Audoin de DampierreDrusian Prosecco Champagne Cuperly Order By Phoneorder by phone
Welcome to Champagnes and Wines Direct
Champagne, Prosecco and Cognac by the case delivered to your door direct from our producers. On-Trade sales of French and Italian Wines, Champagne Beers and Own label Champagnes, wines and spirits
Private Label Own Brand Champagnes, Wines and Spirits -
Bulk wines From Spain & Portugal
Specialists In Wholesale, High Volume, Corporate & Reseller Champagne Sales By The Case, Pallet & Container For On-Trade Customers, Supermarkets, Cash & Carry operators, Restaurant & Pub Chains. We also offer Excellent BOB "Buyer Own Brand" Or "Marque d'Acheteur" (MA) Private Label Champagnes, Prosecco & Wines, as well as fine quality own label Whisky, Brandy, Cognac, Vodka, Tequila, Gin and Rums as well as Bulk Wines in containers and Flexitanks.

We offer wines from our Multi-Award Winning Producers:
* Excellent quality Own/private label wines and spirits including Champagnes.
* Bulk wines in flexitanks from Spain and Portugal from € 0.74 cents per litre
* Private Label Spanish Red and White Wines, bottled in cases of 12 bottles from 1.33 € inc delivery
(UK/Central Europe)
Min order 1440 cases = 17280 bottles = 1 x 20' container
* Container volume wines (steel tanks) from Portugal from € 0.74 cents per litre
* Wholesale multi-award winning artisan Champagnes direct from the producers
* Champagne Beers from Champagne France including Blonde, Blanche, Amber

Prices ex cellars, exclude duties and taxes.

Exclusive to Champagnes and Wines Direct -
Champagne Diane de Chappotin and Champagne Decrouy
Champagne Decrouy
Champagnes & Wines Direct In The UK
Our dedicated UK office for deliveries all over the UK. We have added UK specific prices which include an excellent selection of Champagnes all available for UK delivery mostly direct from the producers in Champagne, France. Full trade and hospitality service now available.

World class Champagne from, Champagne Comte de Dampierre, Champagne Cuperly, Champagne Daniel Petre, Champagne Jean Moutardier and Champagne Hubert Paulet.
Gold Award Winning Champagne From £21.35

UK prices are not calculated on a simple exchange rate basis as all our UK prices include UK import duty. All our champagnes come directly from the producers in Champagne or in some cases their UK subsidiaries

For all UK deliveries please select from the currency selector. For delivery anywhere else in Europe please select € 
Fine Artisan Champagnes, Prosecco and Wines The French & Italians Enjoy

"Enjoy The Fine Artisan Champagnes The French Drink, Made With Passion,
Not The Big Grande Marques For Export!"

Grant Endersby, Managing Director, Champagnes & Wines Direct Ltd

Welcome To Champagnes & Wines Direct In Champagne, France & The UK.
Buy Award Winning "World Class" Champagnes and Wines Online, By The Case or Pallet, Direct From France and Italy. We Deliver Direct All Over Europe By Postcode. Beautiful, Elegant Artisan Champagnes and Wines at Prices Worth Celebrating!

VigneronsIntroducing The Best Selection Of Fine, Artisan Boutique, Grower (RM) and Small Producer (NM) Champagnes In The World. We deliver Over 80 Carefully Selected Champagnes and a Selection of Drusian Prosecco Sparkling wines and a selection of French and Italian wines direct to you anywhere in Europe. We Deliver from France and Italy to the UK and all over Europe every day. Specialist suppliers to on-trade businesses, restaurants, Vintners, Wine stores, wedding venues, hotels.

Petre VineyardsDid you know that approximately 50% of all champagnes enjoyed in France are grower & Small Producer Champagnes? Yet in the UK they still represent less than 2% of all champagnes sold. These Small champagne growers and producers don't spend millions on glossy advertising or benefit from mass distribution, for them it's all about the Champagne so you only pay for what's inside the bottle which benefits you in quality and price. We buy direct from the Champagne & Prosecco growers so we can offer you the best possible prices.

Andrew Jefford, Decanter Magazine and many others"Champagne is on the verge of profound change. The era of great growers and great vineyards is just beginning." Andrew Jefford, award-winning writer and weekly columnist for

Delivery To UK and Europe
carton 6 bottles - free delivery when you buy 12 or more bottles European Delivery. Order Champagnes & Wines Direct From France and Italy- We deliver to France to Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Vatican City & the UK from our new UK office.Please email us if your destination country or postcode is not listed in our shopping cart.
Award Winning Champagnes from Comte Audoin de Dampierre, Daniel Pétré & Fils, Billecart-Salmon, Canard-Duchêne, Georges Vesselle, Didier Herbert, Champagne Cuperly, Jean Moutardier, Hubert Paulet , Pierre Boever Delivered To You For Less From Champagne. All Bottles listed are 75cl - For Magnums (1.5 litres = 2bottles), Jéroboam (3 litres = 4 bottles) Or Methuselah (6 litres = 8 bottles) Click Here.

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